Thursday, July 22, 2010

Circular Thoughts

In A Loop

Lily of the Nile next to 'B' building. 7/20/10

There are
days during which I can't help but notice the bright colors and interesting shapes in what would otherwise be just the normal background of my daily life. I think it's really great that I carry a camera with me always, so that I can savor those special images at a later time, and share them with you.

What Is This?

Wonderful color and shapes. 7/20/10

In The Shadows

Lily's in the shadows by the fence. 7/21/10

I am still finding flowers around the Treehouse that have, up until now, escaped my attention and camera. The time and circumstances must be aligned with some cosmic schedule, or so it seems. Mostly, the best pictures for me are off the beaten path, or from an uncommon perspective. Sometimes I try to 'arrange' the spontaneous situation with the result being short of the image I had hoped to create. It is best to let the moments come to me when they are "supposed" to.

Out and about around the Treehouse Apartments. 7/21/10

Yesterday, while I was imaging flowers outside in the warm sunshine, I picked up a hitch hiker and brought her/him into the apartment. I didn't see it at first, but I had taken off my sandals and was getting ready to load the new batch of pictures into the computer when I noticed a piece of fuzz on the carpet. I wasn't sure if it was flora or fauna, but it sort of looked like a burr or something off of a plant.

It wasn't moving
, but I got to thinking it might be a fuzzy bug rather than a sticker. I got the magnifying glass and it looked like a couple of false eyelashes stuck together.

Closeup of "false eyelash" bug. 7/21/10

I figured this would be a good project for the macro abilities of the Lumix TZ1 and I got the camera. I positioned the camera within a couple of inches of the possibly dead bug on the carpet. I snapped the picture and moved to get a side view. This was too much for the bug and it took off running for it's life. I herded it onto the kitchen floor where the change in surface color and texture caused it to stop and analyze it's surroundings.

Many legged bug on kitchen floor. 7/21/10

This gave me
another photo opportunity before the bug resumed running for it's life. I used a piece of paper towel to gently pick it up and put it outside on the balcony where it made a bee line for a shady spot. I figure it most likely became bird food from there.

Another beautiful flower in the garden. 7/21/10

Some things have changed so much with modern technology, that we have changed their names. I am working on a few of those name changes.

With the advent of digital photography, we no longer photograph things, we image them.

I used to tape record music and sounds, now I no longer use tape, and the only thing moving is electrons.

I still say I am filming, but I no longer use film.

Spinning disks like CD's, DVD's, and BluRay are going the way of the phonograph record or the cassette tape. They are being replaced by WiFi and solid state storage devices.

So many new developments. Such rapid scientific advancement. What a great time to be alive.

In Other News
Lion's mane jellyfish.

From Live Science;
Reported Wednesday at Wallis Sands State Beach in Rye, N.H., between 50 and 100 beachgoers were treated for jellyfish stings likely from a lion's mane jellyfish (Cyanea capillata). Though officials can't be certain one jellyfish stung all the people, it seems likely as that's the only giant they spotted nearby.

I have been reading reports that jellyfish that are replacing the fish we rely upon as a food source. Pollution and climate change are triggering increased levels of acidity that prevent the proper balance of life forms that allow the fish we eat to survive.

Future generations will be eating jellyfish, instead of tuna.

Peanut butter
and jellyfish sandwich anyone?

Today's Relatively Appropriate Video;

Food Forethought

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