Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Out Of Africa

Lily of The Nile

Agapanthus, (AKA) Lily of the Nile. 7/10

At last, I found out what these flowers are called. One person said she just called them, "Bank flowers. Because they always seem to be planted around banks", but today I was showing Dorothy some of the latest flower pictures and I asked her. She said, "Lily's of the Nile". Interesting, because someone told me it was something Egyptian, but they couldn't remember what.

Lily Of The Library
By the Redding library parking lot. 7/12/10

I like this flower that I saw growing in the library landscape. It blooms out of a pod on the end of a stalk, like the lily's, so I am calling it, "Lily of the Library".

Cool Spot

Along the Sacramento river. 7/11/10

One sure way to beat the heat is to get close to the river. The temperature of the water is around 60 degrees, or less, even when the outdoor temperatures are over 100 here in Redding. If you get close to the water, the breeze that blows along the river is nice and cool. Just don't fall in.

Dorothy's Colorful Garden

Newly blooming gladiola. 7/13/10

It is inspirational that these beautiful flowers are hardy enough to withstand the brutal heat and hard winds that batter and bake them regularly. Much of the landscape tends to become bleached and toasted in the Redding summer weather, but there are gardens of color that blossom in the blistering conditions.

Gladiola with bug. 7/13/10

The summer haze
has washed out the detail and color of the surrounding mountains for the past day or two, but since the Buick is up and running again, I can drive a few miles for close-up's of all three. Life is good. It's good to respect and appreciate this planet that makes life possible.

First floor perspective, lights, and reflection. 7/13/10

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Our Mother Earth

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