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Day Or Night

This terrestrial globe is one in the series of Willem Jansz Blaeu's undated models, which often lack dedications as well. The difficulty of dating them is complicated by the fact that Joan Blaeu continued to reprint his father's globes. This specimen, which carries the date 1629 on the Australian coasts, was probably issued after 1645. California is still depicted as an island. A long text recounts the multiple attempts by Dutch travelers to discover the North-East passage. The globe is in excellent condition and richly adorned. The large letters are gilt and some scenes are painted.

1710 Pocket Watch

Octagonal horizontal dial with gnomon and magnetic compass for orientation. Complete with case lined in red velvet. The instrument is signed by Nicolas Bion.

What About Nighttime?

This small astrolabe carries four tympanums for latitudes 24°/30°, 31°/35°, and 32°/36° (corresponding to Persia), and for latitude 0° (i.e., the circle of the equator). There is an alidade and a rete. The instrument is dated 496 of the Hegira (1102-1103 of the Christian era) and is signed by its maker, Muhammad 'Ibn Abi'l Qasim 'Ibn Bakran. Donated to the Museo di Storia della Scienza by the Florentine Prince Tommaso Corsini.

I found
these, and hundreds more items to explore at the Museo Galileo.

Here In Redding

A hummingbird visits an Agapanthus africanus. 7/23/10

Just One More Thing

The Buick waits for me at Rocha's Auto Service. 7/23/10

With the newly rebuilt transmission, I was ready for a few more years of trouble free motoring pleasure in the Le Sabre. Evidently there was just one more thing that needed replacing, before that chapter could begin. I was notified last Wednesday morning when the engine decided it would no longer idle. I even opened the hood and stared at the unfamiliar modern assemblage that occupies the space between the front wheels of modern cars. There really is nothing there that I recognize, but I figure it's worth looking in case there is an obvious wire dangling, or part hanging. No luck.

I had some fresh produce is the car, so I enlisted the help of my friend, Steve, and he helped me get the food home. I made a few phone calls and asked John if he could stop by the car on our way to rehearsal. I thought that maybe having let it sit for a couple of hours would encourage it to run long enough for me to drive it to Jeffs where we could open the hood and the whole band could stare at the engineering marvel within. No such luck.

The next morning, Sandi took me to the car and I called for it to be towed to Hartnell transmission where they said they would give it a look to see what was wrong. They were the nice bunch who rebuilt the transmission the week before and it was possible it was a related problem.

This morning, (Thursday), Mark, from Hartnell Transmission, called to let me know that his diagnostic machine indicated a couple of codes related to fuel delivery. He asked if I would like him to get it to a reputable auto repair shop for further investigation. I told him that after the fine job he, and his company did with the transmission, I would trust his judgment.

He called back to tell me where he took it; Rocha's Auto Service. Mark told me that Julio, the owner of Rocha's, would be giving me a call to tell me what he found.

Good Day For A/C

The afternoon temp was 104 when I got the Buick home.

The problem
was a faulty mass airflow sensor, and once it was replaced, the engine ran like a top with no other diagnostic fault codes. Hooray.

Fellow musician and audiophile, Michael, gave me a ride to pick up the Buick at Rocha's Auto Service, and I drove it back to the Treehouse Apartments.

Now, I can be relatively confident that I have reliable, comfortable, and respectable transportation for a few more years.

Thanks to all who have helped me over the last couple of weeks of car repair.

Very special
thanks to Marian, (the 'M' in LMP Trio), for loaning me the money so I could pay for these repairs.

Happy Phil

Is that dirt or worn areas on the steering wheel? 7/23/10

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Rise Up - Playing For Change

Make A Joyful Noise

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