Friday, July 9, 2010


The Buick, up on the lift. 7/8/10

I asked Sandi if she would drive me over to Hartnell Transmission so I could take a few pictures. She took me there, and I took a few pictures. Thanks Sandi.

Under The Buick

No transmission here. 7/8/10

I met Mark, one of the owners, who was kind enough to give me a look at what was happening to the Buick's transmission.

Mark, of Hartnell Transmissions. 7/8/10

We walked over to the rebuilding area where the Buick transmission was dismantled. He gave a detailed explanation of what was being done, and showed me the parts that needed replacing. I have prepared a graphic to illustrate one of the parts that had failed, and the new one that was made of stronger stuff.


Off with the old, and in with the new. 7/8/10

Cool Inside

I find things to do, close to home. 7/8/10

New Glad Appears

I got up real close to this tiny bud. 7/8/10

Older Glad Continues

Gladiola in Dottie's garden continues blooming. 7/8/10


I tried this kind of eggplant parmesan tonight. It tasted good, and the listed ingredients purported to be real food. I was a little put off by the photo essay about todays vegetables and fruit having only about 50% of the nutritional value that they had in 1950 because they are the result of gene splicing and breeding for looks and shelf life, (Thank you Monsanto). However, I still have to eat, so I hope I am making up the nutritional deficit by choosing organic, and natural foods whenever possible. Eggplant was part of the photo essay. In case you missed it, HERE.

Sunset At Lulu's
Taken from Lulu's parking lot. (Sanyo VPC - T1060)

I have been traveling light during the time that the Buick is being repaired, so tonight I left the Lumix TZ1 at home, and if a photo opportunity appeared, I had the Sanyo stashed in the computer bag. Sure enough, after the band got through playing at the Thursday Blues Jam, the sky put on a show as we walked across the parking lot. I pulled out the T1060 and took a series of pictures. Thanks Jeff, for the ride to and from the club.

Sunset from the Treehouse. 7/8/10 ( Lumix TZ1)

Once I got home, I grabbed the Panasonic Lumix camera, and caught what was left of the sunset. I am really fortunate. Life is good.

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