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The newly "peppy-fied" Buick awaits a bath. 7/9/10

Around 4:00 this afternoon, I got a call from Sandi. She wanted to know if I needed a ride to pick up the car.

I called Aaron at Hartnell Transmission. The Buick was back together and good to go. He said he had just tried to call me, but the line was busy.

I enjoy moments of synchronicity.

Sandi came by the Treehouse Apartments and drove me to the transmission shop. They gave be an itemized bill, and a warranty in exchange for my check.

It felt good to be back behind the wheel of the Buick. I headed home on a combination of roads to test out the newly rebuilt transmission.

I stopped at the Soft Cloth car wash on Lake and Market. They have WiFi in the waiting room, so it seemed only right that I start writing this blog post, while I waited.

While I was waiting, a guy came up and asked if this laptop was an Apple. "Is it any good", he asked? "It's the best", I replied, adding, "All the others are just imitations".

, he says with some wistfulness in his words, "We have a bunch of computers at home, but I haven't got an Apple, yet. I hope to get one, one day."

I suggested
that he get an iPad. He could operate all his computers with one $500 iPad, using LogMeIn, from anywhere in the world!

I could really notice the improvement in the cars performance right away as I was pulling out of Hartnell Transmission. There was zero lag between the gas pedal and forward motion. It feels like the Buick must have felt when it was brand new. On the way home, in traffic and on the freeway, it felt like a new car. I like it.

The other thing
I noticed as I smoothly traveled the highway, and byways, were the layers of dust that had accumulated on the hood during the time it was sitting. This was a sign that I should get the car washed and waxed with the super duper miracle protective coating(s) that are a necessity in the brutal Redding summer sunshine.

All Better Now

All shiny and protective coated. 7/9/10

This I Can Fix

This umbrella saves me $20 a month in electricity.

My umbrella isn't just a pretty decoration on the balcony. By keeping the direct sunlight off the sliding glass doors, I estimate that it saves me about $20.00 a month on my electric bill during the warm season here, in Redding.

In addition
to material disintegration due to the intense sunlight, there are also windy conditions that put the umbrella to additional stress. However, I figure a few stitches should fix this current structural damage. I think this is only the start of it's second summer. It should last at least another year.

I shall search the blog with the word, "umbrella", to find out how long it has lasted, so far.

Found It
There it is..4/17/09. This blogging stuff is good.

You can use the search feature to find anything I have put in previous blog posts, going back to the spring of 2008. Just type a word in the search box when you are at Phil's Place, and it will search through all the posts and pull up that post, (or posts), where that name, word, place, or phrase was used.

Just One More Thing

Tonights spectacular sunset. 7/9/10

The sunset
from the 2nd floor stairwell landing was exceptional. I took a series of pictures and put them HERE for your perusal.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Put A Little Love In Your Heart - Jackie De Shannon


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