Sunday, August 1, 2010

When We Play

We Have Fun

Thursday we played at the Vintage Wine Bar. (photo - Jeff Brooks) 7/29/10

The band had our first opportunity to play in an intimate venue with Jeff's digital drum set when we played at the Vintage Wine Bar, last Thursday.

Mark, John and Phil hamming it up at the Vintage Wine Bar. (photo-Terri)

The sound was delightfully pleasant. High fidelity without high volume. I especially enjoyed being able to hear the vocals clearly enough that I could nuance each note and word to further enrich the musical presentation. I attribute this to the top quality sound system that John selected for our band, and to the fact that Jeff's Roland V drums were carefully mixed into the music. 

The Vintage Wine Bar and Restaurant website, HERE.

Mark, Jeff, John, and Phil at the Vintage Wine Bar. (photo - Sandi) 7/29/10

French Gulch Hotel

We played at the French Gulch Hotel Saturday. 7/31/10

The band played in a more rustic and historical setting on Saturday. Just about 3 miles from Whiskeytown lake is the old mining town of French Gulch.

Jeff totes his monitor along the hotel front porch. 7/31/10

John used to live in French Gulch, so this historic wild west town and hotel is a familiar place for him. For me it was a chance to experience, absorb, and photograph another piece of the world around Redding.

The Band In The Saloon

I forget to wear a trademark hat for the first set. (photo - Terri) 7/31/10

French Gulch is an 1849 gold rush town named for the French Canadian miners. The hotel, (originally the Feeny Hotel), was built in 1885. Michael Smith and John Pearson are the hosts. You can visit the French Gulch Hotel website, HERE. We met a couple from Santa Cruz who were staying at the hotel. They were having a great time.

The crowd
enjoyed our selection of songs. They were dancin' and singin' and movin' to the groovin'. There was one couple who were celebrating their 56th anniversary, they were really tickled when I sang Blue Hawaii for them.

Our thanks to our fans, family and friends came to see us at this fun, old west hotel and saloon.

The Phil Seymour Band having fun in the saloon. (photo by Suzanne)

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Bioluminescence - The Phil Seymour Band

Joy and Exuberance

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