Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Simply Put

Awesome, Ain't It?

Looking west from "A" building. 8/10/10

I had a feeling that today's clouds just might make a pretty sunset, but the spectacle was much more dramatic than I expected.

Truly a fiery sunset. 8/10/10

One of the reasons
I was watching the sky so intently this evening was to see Venus, Mars, and Saturn together in the western sky. I just checked a moment ago, and I could just see Venus through the hazy night sky. I also could see the Big Dipper just to the right of Venus, but the haze is too thick for me to see Mars or Saturn.

Well worth the time spent gazing at the western horizon. 8/10/10

Later, after midnight, I will check the night sky toward the northeast in the hopes that one of the Perseid meteors will have a fireball bright enough to see through the murk. Thursday is supposed to be the time when the meteor shower is turned on full blast, and one should see many shooting stars per hour.


Same day around 4:30p, looking east at Lassen. 8/10/10

at Lassen reminds me to remind you that this coming weekend, the National Parks are open to the public with no entrance fee. Many state parks and national recreation areas will be free also.

Part Of The Process

Screen shot from earlier today when I gathered images for this blog.

When I put pictures in/on the posts of this blog, I have learned a method that puts them in a form that nearly all of you will be able to see. (The exceptions are those who don't have enough bandwidth and/or processing power to view multiple images or video) I found early on, that images from iPhoto were much too large to directly import into Google Docs, and if I did import them to the Blogger editor, they would take too long to load on most of my readers computers. So I had to find a quick and simple way to make the image files smaller, and still maintain the visual quality of the high resolution original.

How It Looks From Here

Plants around the Treehouse continue to bloom. 8/9/10

The trick
I learned, is to use the image capture features of the Apple operating system. This makes the file size manageable for use with Google Docs, (where I write and edit this blog), and should the image need any adjustments, I can use Preview as an image editor before uploading and inserting the picture.

Fresh as a daisy. 8/9/10

I simply love this magical place called Earth. There are so many wonderful gifts that naturally come with the excursion called life. If you aren't seeing the beauty and enchantment that is yours to enjoy, then you may want to turn off the TV news for awhile and take a look around you. Take a few deep breaths and think about a National Park, you may want to visit this coming weekend. Did you know that there are national parks in Afghanistan? You sure wouldn't know it by watching the news.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Love Is Good

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