Sunday, August 22, 2010

I See How It Looks

Close Up

Mount Shasta pokes through the morning clouds. 8/22/10

Today I drove
up to Lake Siskiyou with a couple of friends. It was a great day to test the Lumix TZ1 with a closer perspective of Mount Shasta. I was not disappointed.

By early afternoon the clouds are moving off the mountain. 8/22/10

I zoom the Lumix TZ1 a little closer. 8/22/10

The 14,179 foot peak is still shrouded by the clouds it is making. 8/22/10

Shastina is the name of the smaller volcano part of Mount Shasta. 8/22/10

What a spectacular mountain. 8/22/10

A last look before getting on the highway home. 8/22/10

Back from the close up volcano photo adventure. 8/22/10

I had an opportunity
to see what the Lumix TZ1 would do closer to Mount Shasta, today. I was amazed at the range of expression that was available with the Leica 10x optical zoom lens. I did other things, and took other pictures, but for today's post, I just wanted to share some pictures of magical Mount Shasta. I hope you enjoy them.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
  Good Day by Phil Seymour

Life Is Good

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