Monday, August 9, 2010

This Time

How Much Fits?

Antennae Galaxy composite image. (

The band played on the shore of Lake Shasta last Saturday. It was fun. It was a little cooler there in Lakeview.

It didn't take long to get there.

Leave Here

Arrive There

If you are reading this today, (Sunday), the date is 8/9/10.

Getting Set Up

John and Jeff look for just the right drum sounds. 8/7/10

Jeff gets all his presets and effects ready.

We played from 8p to 11:45 and still had some songs left over. I am not all that anxious to do another 4 hour gig, I think we do best when we play one or two hours.

This was our first time using the complete PA system, outdoors. It worked great.

I didn't get any pictures of us playing, but I did record all 4 sets. Things got a little busy, and there were a number of things that were competing for my time when I wasn't singing, but I still managed to get some interesting mixes, using the Alesis USB mixer. (Next time, I will take more time to 'dial in' the recording mix.)

Can you tell it was windy? 8/8/10

I managed
to lose both pairs of my favorite shades this last week, so I stopped at the Dollar Tree on Athens Avenue and picked out four new possibilities. They all claim to provide ultra violet protection, and 2 pair indicated that they were driving glasses, although I don't see a motor, seat, or wheels, so I don't know how they expect me to drive them.

I think I like the 2 pair in the lower half of the picture. Not bad for a buck each.

In 1965, you could get plastic sunglasses at the 7-11, in Houston, for 50 cents.

In 1965, you would hear the following song on the radio;

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Time Is On My Side - Rolling Stones (They were just kids at this time)

The Right Time

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