Monday, August 30, 2010

Passing Observations

The Past, Passed On
Site of 12,000 year old feast near Galilee.

Hilazon Tachtit Cave, Israel. Credit: Naftali Hilger.

In a cave above a creek in the Galilee region of northern Israel, scientists discovered the body of a petite, elderly, disabled woman, most probably a shaman, in 2005. As they continued to excavate, they found the woman apparently was intentionally laid to rest in a specially crafted hollow between the remains of at least 71 Mediterranean tortoises, as well as with seashells, beads, stone tools and bone tools. In a separate pit nearby, they also found bones of at least three wild, extinct cattle known as aurochs.

Sources, HERE, and HERE.

Busy Bee

This bee was in a lot of my flower pictures today. 8/30/10

Shasta Bally

I took this picture in the morning for a change. 8/30/10

I rarely get up early enough to take morning pictures of Shasta Bally, but today was an exception. Normally it's back lit and the silhouettes of the radio and TV towers are prominent on the ridge line, but they seem to have vanished in the sunlight. When I zoomed in for a closer look, I couldn't see them, but I could see the transmitter buildings on the ridge. Must be a trick of the morning light.

Bye Bye Comet
Michael Paine and Comet at Mike's mom's house.

Mike Paine called me last week to let me know that Comet died. Comet was Chris and my dog. We got her when she was just a puppy, I think it was 1991.

Comet spent the last two or three years at Freida Paine's place, high on a hill overlooking Big Sur, the Pacific ocean, and Rainbow Bridge. She really liked it there, where she was loved and cared for by Freida, Bruce, and Mike. She had 2 Paine family dogs to play with there on the coastal range. Not a bad place to spend the last of her life. 

Stealth Pollenator

Looks like a stealth aircraft bug. 8/30/10

I Love This Place

Enjoying life, here at the Treehouse in Redding.  8/30/10

Usually there are flying birds in at least one of my my landscape pictures, but lately there are dragonflies, (above). I like them, too.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
(This guy sure could sing.)

Spirited Rendition

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