Saturday, August 28, 2010

Looking Out The Window

Hey, It's Raining!

Enough rain to wet the pavement fell this morning. 8/28/10

This morning brought a little rain, and cooler temperatures to Redding. It's nice to have a little variety. This treat, at least the cooler temperature, is supposed to continue until Monday, when we return to our regularly scheduled weather program.

Decisions, Decisions

Aloes and a struggling spider plant on the balcony. 8/28/10

I thought about lowering the umbrella during the rain so the plants on the patio could enjoy the sprinkle, but then I would get wet while I was out enjoying the thick, moisture laden atmosphere. By the time I was about to decide, most of the rain was over and done so there was no decision required.

The umbrella
is primarily there to keep the sun off the patio area, and to protect the plants from incinerating in direct exposure to our blazing Redding summer sunshine.


Cartoon by - Robert and Donna Trussell

That guy, Glenn Beck, has his wacky show on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial today.

They are probably
broadcasting it on Fox News, but I think I will pass. I don't have cable, or satellite TV, but this trainwreck is available on the internet. 

I have watched the guy a couple of times. It's embarrassing for me, and demeaning to him to observe his descent into madness. His separation from reality, and puffed up Messianic sense of self may be the result of his years of drug and alcohol abuse, or he could just be loony. Whatever the reason for his disconnect with rational thought and the resulting manic behavior, it is uncomfortable for me to watch.

Old Map

Map from the Reagan era...or Bush, or today's right wing.

I Love This Place

Another trip
to the library, and more books to read. I do enjoy books. I am very lucky to have been born into a family where books were important. There were bookcases full of books in practically every room of the house. My dad's study had floor to ceiling book cases on every wall. There were bookcases in the hallways. In 1954 we had a TV set, downstairs in the lounge. We rarely watched it.

The Redding library is light and airy, with rows of computers with internet access, that patrons can use for an hour at a time. One must reserve a time and a computer. They are very popular. There are chairs and tables along the windowed second floor, outside walls where one can use your own laptops connected by free wireless access. There are comfortable reading chairs and couches next to the periodicals, where one can sit and read the latest magazines and newspapers.

Best of all, there are books. Lots of books.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Close As Pages In A Book - Jimmy Knepper

Life Is Good

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