Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Looking Up

What A Picture
The Milky Way above Mount Shasta. Image - Wally Pacholka

I found some really great night sky photography. The place I began from is HERE.

The World At Night
is a collection of images of the night sky from around the world. It's a website created by Babak Tafreshi, in Iran.

Moai Watch Eclipse

The July 11 solar eclipse from Easter Island. Credit - HERE.

You can read the Discover.com interview with the energetic and imaginative astronomer, Babak Tafreshi,  HERE.

Healthy, Organic Breakfast

Another all organic breakfast to start my day. 8/17/10

I know that some stuff that has been labeled organic by the USDA, isn't. During the Bush/Cheney occupation, government regulatory agencies, including the USDA, were led by 'former' Monsanto lawyers and corporate officers. (I have written about this duplicity before.)

Still, the chances of getting organic food if it is labeled organic, are much better than getting stuff that isn't labeled organic.

There have been a few personnel changes in regulatory agencies, since the Obama administration, but Deep Water Horizon, is a perfect example that all the vermin have not yet been eradicated.

In the matter of the food we eat, there was a lot of rule bending by the USDA organic certification board. Example; In December 2005, the 2006 agricultural appropriations bill was passed with a rider allowing 38 synthetic ingredients to be used in organic foods. (Source)


What could be better than hot apple pie a'la mode? 8/17/10

Sometimes I just like tasty, high quality, treats. Like this fresh baked Raley's apple pie, Trader Joe's French vanilla ice cream, and Berkeley Farms whipped cream.

The good thing is that the higher quality foods are generally made from higher quality ingredients. The little extra that I pay for better quality food, will save the major expenses brought about by heart disease and diabetes that I would likely develop if I were to only  eat cheap, nutritionally deficit, highly processed, chemical laden, stuff like fast food, junk food, and fake food.

Twinkies anyone?

High Def Shades

Stylish glasses claim to make the world look high definition. 8/17/10

As seen on TV, HD glasses. How could I resist? They were at the dollar store. The box had the "as seen on TV" logo on it, so they had to be good. Right?

I have
never seen these on TV, but then, I don't watch TV a whole lot, so they could put "as seen on TV" on anything and I wouldn't know the difference.

I will test the glasses tomorrow and see if the world looks more defined.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Love Potion #9 - PSB


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