Thursday, June 17, 2010

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Mount Lassen with editing by me. 6/16/10

Mount Lassen with editing by iPhoto enhance feature.

I like the built in enhance function of the iPhoto editor, and sometimes I don't. The two pictures of Mount Lassen, (above), are a good example.

I spent some time developing the different color tones and detail development for the mountains, the valley vegetation, and sky.

The enhanced
image is bright and colorful.

that's a good thing.

Sometimes the image needs very little massaging. This lily, (below), is a good example of a magic moment when all the elements are in sync.

This is like what I saw in the camera display. 6/15/10

Yo Ho Ho

I found this ad and just had to share. 6/16/10

I just finished
reading a Michael Crichton book called, 'Pirate Latitudes'. It was about Port Royal and the Caribbean pirate days. The completed manuscript for this book was found in Michael Crichton's files, after his death in 2008.

my delight when I saw the advertisement for a pirate ship kite, today. Indonesian pirates are the source of the tales about the boogey man. Excerpt from Phil's Place, July 12, 2008;

It seems there were some 14th century pirates who lived in Ujung Pandang, on the Kalimantan Kumai River, who were called the Bugis. The were so frightening and savage when they would attack British ships, the sailors that survived would come back to England with scary stories of the Bogy's, or Bogy Men. What we now call, "Boogie Men." (Post)

So, on Fathers Day, you can tell your kid that if he wrecks your $20 Indonesian pirate kite, the boogie man is going to get him.

It does look like a neat kite. I wonder how well it flies?

View From A Bridge

Looking west from the Diestelhorst bridge. 6/17/10

Looking east from the Diestelhorst bridge. 6/17/10

To see these, and other pictures from the bridge, go HERE.

Every so often, I go out to the middle of the Diestelhorst bridge, and take a few pictures. I am never disappointed by the ever changing views.

Returning from the middle of the bridge. 6/17/10

Last night, I was given the gift of awakening at 3:00 AM, and feeling the need to hear a particular song. I got out of bed, padded into the living room, feeling the carpet massaging the soles of my bare feet as I felt my way to the bag by the desk where I remembered placing the headphones earlier in the evening. I suppose I could have turned on the light, but I didn't see the need to disturb my relaxed eyeballs.

I got back
into bed, plugged the headphones into the MacBook, went to YouTube and typed in the song and artist I was thinking about, and, well you can listen for yourself.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Stella By Starlight - Ray Charles

Harmonious Living

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