Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Now And Then

A Smooth Ride

Mike Cory views the 2008 blog about his tire place. 6/9/10

I have been noticing a little vibration in the front end of the Buick at highway speeds, so I stopped into Cory's Redding Tire Factory today, to have the tires rotated. I don't know how many miles I have gone since the last rotation, but it has been a couple of years.

I asked if it was time to rotate, and Mike said; "You are here, the car is here, so it must be time."

I gave
him the keys, went to the waiting area, pulled out my Macbook, noticed that he had WiFi, went to my blog, wrote "new tires" in the search box, and found the 2008 blog where I wrote about my good experience at Mike Cory's tire place. (Blog Post) I showed Mike the blog from September 5, 2008. He liked it.

The Buick gets tires rotated at 123,988 miles. 6/9/10

The tires
were rotated, checked for air and wear, lug nuts torqued, and the keys handed to me in the time it took to put the Mackbook in it's travel bag. I had my credit card out and ready, but Mike said there was no charge. Tire rotations are a complimentary service to customers who have purchased tires there. (What a nice surprise!)


It was
a nice evening for taking pictures here, around the Treehouse.

Mount Lassen didn't seem distinct in this image.

I accidentally
touched the lens on the TZ1, earlier in the day, and forgot to clean the lens when I got home. I went outside the apartments and took a bunch of pictures of the scenery. When I looked at them on the computer, I noticed that the images weren't as sharp as I am used to. I remembered then that I had touched the lens.

Using a damp q-tip, followed by a dry q-tip, I attempted to get any oil off of the lens that might have transfered from my fingertip to the glass. I will use the 'magic' cloth that came with my Macbook for cleaning the screen after it dries, (I wash it periodically to keep it effective for fingerprint removal). In the meantime, I took a few more pictures while conditions were still similar for comparison images.

Some of the missing detail has returned.

There was an article about bubbles, today. The report dealt with what happens when a bubble bursts. The research revealed the bubbles bursting into many tiny bubbles, that burst into even smaller bubbles until their size reached the point where the laws of physics could no longer maintain them as bubbles. Sound familiar?

Last December
, I wrote about how a water droplet just keeps bouncing and getting smaller until it can no longer maintain the shape of a droplet, (VIDEO).

These are two examples one might incorporate into the Standard Unified Theory. They are bubbles, or droplets, but become something else at the nano end of the scale.

Now, if one combines that process with fractals and images, it can be quite stimulating.

The tree behind me is a perfect example of fractals. 6/9/10

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Slo Mo Pop Of Water Balloon

Life Is Good

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