Friday, June 11, 2010

Another View

New Old Look

John gets creative with the TZ1. 6/10/10

This is a fun experiment in finishing.

(Images - John Harrison.)

I have
been handing the Lumix TZ1 to John for some of the shots of the instruments he makes.

He has a good eye, and a steady hand.

I am glad I cleaned the lens on my camera.

June 10

I shot this from the 2nd floor landing, A building.
This is from the Treehouse parking lot. 6/10/10

Today, June 11
I love the different 'moods' of the mountains around me.

Through The Windshield

Mount Shasta from Lake and Market. 6/11/10

The Venus Show

After the Sun, the Moon and now the International Space Station, Venus is the brightest object in the night-sky from Earth.

More fun facts about Venus, HERE.

Not only
do we have some spectacular sunsets to enjoy this week, there is the added attraction of Venus and other heavenly bodies appearing as a second act.

Even more about Venus, HERE.


Just a bluish white dot in the twilight. 6/11/10

A closer look shows a bluish white orb. 6/11/10


Now it shows more of a reddish cast. 9/11/10

A closer look shows it is reflecting more red. 6/11/10

I always thought that Venus was a blue green planet, but the global view of the surface of Venus that was produced from the Magellan Mission, shows Venus as reddish.

This image of Venus is from the Magellan Mission.

Keeping An Eye On Things

Today seemed about 37 seconds longer than the day before.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Venus - Bananarama

It's Circular

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