Sunday, June 6, 2010


Sunday Meandering

Along the path to the Sundial Bridge. 6/6/10

A funny thing
happened as the band was getting set to go to play yesterday. I got a call from the Lakeshore Inn, where we were headed to provide entertainment on the shore of Lake Shasta for the evening. The woman who booked us was in L. A. and left her husband in charge of the business. He told me that there weren't any guests, reservations, or campers there, and he didn't think it would be worthwhile having a band that night. He wondered if I would mind rescheduling for some other time.

Comic book effect in Photo Booth. 6/6/10

It wouldn't matter
if I did mind, so I accepted the situation.

Along the path to the Sundial Bridge. 6/6/10

I called the guys in the band, and luckily no one had left yet. Like me, each of us had our cars and trucks packed and ready to roll. Disappointment drifted through the cell phone signals, but we have been at this music game long enough to know these things happen. Still, it can leave a person unfocused for a while.

Sundial Bridge. 6/6/10

What I found
myself doing for the first couple of hours after I got the news we weren't playing, was trying to let our following know we wouldn't be there. Knowing that we already had a following only became clear to me last Thursday at the Blues Jam. It was announced that we would be at the Lakeshore Inn and people began telling me they were going to go see us play there. I knew some people liked our band, but I didn't realize they liked us enough to drive to see us when we played out of town. Man, that was heartwarming. What a wonderful feeling that gives me.

Now I had to figure out how to save them the drive.

View of Sahasta Bally from the Sundial Bridge. 6/6/10

I only knew
a couple of peoples phone numbers, so after I called and left messages, I put notices on a bunch of websites, and I even 'tweeted' on a couple of Twitter accounts. I even left a comment on this blog. I sure hoped that no one drove up, (or down, in the case of those who live in Mount Shasta and Dunsmuir), only to find the place had closed up early.

I don't know what this is, but I like it. 6/6/10

I went out today to refresh my sense of joy and well being by immersing myself in the beauty of this place where I live. I had read in the paper that there was a bluegrass jam at the Turtle Bay Cafe, so I headed in that direction for starters. When I was pulling into the parking lot, I saw Suzanne, (one of the people who were coming to see us on Saturday night), and she told me she had heard that we wouldn't be there. She said she was sorry she didn't get to see us there, but she plans to go to the French Gulch Hotel to see us on July 31st.

I said I was glad she found out and didn't drive to Lakehead and find out we weren't there. I told her I had posted the cancellation on various websites, tweeted, and had hoped that every one would get the message.

She said she got a phone call, and described the network of people who had spread the word.

Who needs
the internet? Apparently we have a Phone Tree!

The district five bluegrass players at Turtle Bay Cafe.

So here I am.
If I was disappointed by this cancellation, I am also uplifted by knowing that there are some nice people who really like our music.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Thank You

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