Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Through The Perspectivescope

Looking Down

I am always amazed at the wonderful images that can be produced with high tech scientific instruments. This view of the Villarrica volcano from Nasa's Earth Observatory satellite is just fantastic. You can see a high resolution version, HERE.

Closer view of the town seen in the above image.

Weather Report

My brother, Jerry, emailed a picture and note from Iraq.

"Don't anyone complain that it is hot when it gets over 90. That would
feel like a "blue norther" right about now. The photo was taken this
afternoon when I was driving to the south side of the base with no A/C.
It is kind of like a convection oven with the wind blowing on your face
since the windows are down. In Texas they say it is about a two beer
drive home. Today it was a two liter of water drive back to the office."


(Today, June 15th, is only 95 degrees at 5:00p, here in Redding.)

Dances With Moon

9:00p Moon and jet plane

9:30p Moon and Venus

I took many pictures of the moon and Venus Monday night with the Lumix TZ1, trying to capture the wonder and mystery that I felt while gazing at the western sky. The jet plane was a surprise when I was editing. I hadn't noticed it when I was taking pictures. I just love this stuff.

10:00p Moon 6/14/10

White Rice And Diabetes
(More scientific evidence that you really are what you eat)

A new study
published in Scientific American shows an increased prevalence of type II diabetes among people who regularly eat white rice.

Turning brown
rice white entails removing a rice grain's bran and germ, which uncovers the white endosperm. The process also raises the grain's glycemic index (a measure of a carbohydrate's ability to raise blood sugar) and strips away vitamins, fiber, magnesium and other components that might help keep diabetes at bay.


Shasta taken with the Lumix TZ1 at 10x optical zoom.

The little second hand camera that could, did, and continues to do. I got the Panasonic Lumix TZ1 primarily to take pictures of Mount Shasta, and the other majestic mountains around here. Since I got it, I have discovered that it works great with many more subjects, (from flowers to fiddles, and rivers to real people), but the pictures I got of Mount Shasta last Sunday, are the main reason I got it.

I love this place.

Along the Sacramento River. 6/13/10

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
The Webby Awards

Life Is Good

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