Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Still Ringing

Fathers Day Notes

The trio played at the Hilltop Estates on Father's Day.

Mark and John get their instruments ready. 6/20/10

We had fun playing for the nice people at Hilltop Estates last Sunday afternoon. This was the third time we have entertained there, and the people treat us wonderfully. Some of the people even have favorite songs they remember from our 2 previous appearances, including one of my own tunes. I really like that.

Shasta Last Sunday

There is still plenty of snow on Mount Shasta, but that isn't deterring would be climbers. Sheriffs rescue teams have been busy plucking injured and stranded people by the helicopter load, every day for the past couple of weeks. Conditions on the mountain are not good for typical mountain climbing. The ice and snow are not any one consistent firmness so an ice axe, (if you carry one), wont function as a braking tool should you slip and start sliding down a steep slope.

Most of the climbers who are being rescued are not properly equipped, or experienced.

Lassen from the Treehouse parking lot. 6/20/10

I took the pictures of the volcanoes, on my way back home from the Fathers Day gig. Lassen, at just 10,462 feet, also has plenty of snow at this time and much of the park facilities and roads are still under as much as 30 feet of snow.

What I Wore At The Gig

I am wearing the standard PSTrio outfit. 6/20/10

We didn't have a photographer at the Hilltop Estates, but I wanted to show you the look we use for the trio, so I took this picture when I got home. I forgot to let Mark know we were wearing the turtlenecks, but his Hawaiian shirt was colorful, and with him standing in the middle we made a nice picture, (if there had been a photographer).

Solstice Sunrise

Sunrise at Stonehenge on the Summer Solstice 2010.

Today, Tuesday, seems like its about 37 seconds shorter than yesterday.

Cup Of Coffee?

From lowered cancer risks
to a sharper memory, more studies are showing that coffee is good for you.
Read the story, HERE.

The Phil Seymour Band rehearsed earlier this evening in preparation for a concert appearance at Lake Redding Park on July the 3rd. We have worked up some nice arrangements for some really fun blues, rock, Motown, and oldies that we will be playing at the dedication of the new, permanent outdoor stage that didn't get built yet. We will be one of 3 bands from the Shasta Blues Society who will be performing in the park that Saturday afternoon.

Last Year

John, Mark, and Phil on Marks portable stage. 6/6/09

Mark will bring
his portable stage that we used last year for the Blues Society rummage sale/concert, and John decided that this year we should provide the sound system as well. This is good news for me because our band has probably the best PA system in Redding, and I really enjoy singing through it. I am sure the other bands will be pleased with the sound, too.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
I Don't Miss You - Phil Seymour Band (2009)

Life Is Good

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