Monday, June 7, 2010

Safari 5.0 and

Monday Musings
Oil slick in the gulf.

I found some cool pictures while roaming in cyberspace, and even an illuminating video about the BP oil spill.

I found some great stuff to see on the Hubble site.
Credit: NASA and E. Karkoschka (University of Arizona)

Then there is this T-shirt that my brother, Jerry, sent from Iraq, that I received today.

"The Original Road Trip"
Thanks. 6/7/10

I like that the words and the picture are embroidered on the front. Cool.

Trying Out Safari 5.0
How it looks while I write this post. 6/7/10

I am just seeing if it's any easier to compose and edit this blog in Safari, than it was the last time I tried. It still doesn't give me 'handles' to size the images. I suspect that the way the editing looks and behaves, that this is what Google Docs is like when using Windows. The next time I have to fix someones PC I will have to see how Safari and Google Docs works on that system.

HTML5 On Here?
Will HTML5 work in Blogger?

That's a good question. Probably not right away, but Google Chrome supports some HTML5 features, so I would guess that it will spread to other google products and applications eventually.

Now, I will move to the Blogger editor to insert the movie I just made.

The blogger editor doesn't understand the file I brought in from Safari, so I took some more time to redo the images and graphic arrangement in this editor. Well, it was a test. I didn't know it was going to be a test of my editing skills in different programs, but it's good to be versatile.

This Is Fun

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