Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Nothing To It

How to measure the size of a distant star?

Listen to it. Listen HERE.

Scientists have discovered what musicians have always known. Bigger things make lower tones. Bigger stars emit lower frequency sound waves than smaller stars.

The Kepler Space Telescope is not only looking for planets, it is also listening to the stars in its view. After recording thousands of star songs, they can determine the stars different sizes within a few percent. Read more HERE.

New Widget Follows The Money

Widget from and lets you choose elected officials and it shows who owns them with NASCAR type patches on their jackets.

You can try
it and get a widget, if you want, HERE.

Here In Redding

Another look at the fountain at Cypress and Pine. 10/26/10

Is that a stainless steelhead?

Picture Perfect Day

A good spot to view Mount Lassen on the Shasta Dam Road. 10/26/10

From the Shasta Dam road, you can see, and photograph both Shasta and Lassen.

It helps
to have a camera with a good optical zoom lens.

Snow On Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta from the dam overlook on Shasta Dam Road. 10/26/10

We have a break in the weather for a couple of days, then more rain is expected. I am glad for today's break that gave me a chance to take these pictures of the fresh snow on the volcanoes.

Along The Driveway

Rose in the Tuesday sunshine here in Redding. 10/26/10

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Life Is Amazing

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