Friday, October 1, 2010

There Is Always

More To Be Learned

I'll call him, "Nevermore". 10/1/10

I got this little bird at the dollar store. 50 years ago it would have been called a five and dime. (Not the bird, the store.)

I got to the check out, and the checker, (also asst. Mgr), asked;

"Howz yur day?", as he rang up the bird.

"Nothing to crow about", I replied. No response.

I tried again. "Nothing to crow about, get it?"

"Is that a saying or something?"

"No, it was a play on words, or something."

"I guess we are on different wave lengths", he mumbled.

"It was a joke about the bird. The crow? The Raven?"

He still didn't get it, so I just said, "Nevermore", and took my new bird to the car.

Saturday Demonstration In D.C.
Find out more, HERE.

It's the biggest
demonstration at the Lincoln Memorial this year, that you probably haven't heard about. The reason it hasn't been on the news, is because it's not associated with the broadcasting corporations agendas. It's not industry created or supported, like the Republicans or the Tea Party. It's real American people.

It's the people
who voted for change, for Obama, for Democrats who won the elections in 2008, but are still trying to get those changes made.

It's the people
who believe in our democracy, and support it. It's people who feel the need to remind other people that we cannot sit back and let the corporations persuade the greedy and selfish to vote us back to the policies that were destroying the fabric of this once great nation.

It's the people who know we can save this country and won't give up because it isn't happening over night.

You know.
It's Americans working together to provide a sustainable future for Americas children and generations to come.

It's People with "Sticktoitivity"

1 Timothy 6:10

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