Friday, October 15, 2010

Let It Gurgle

Let It Flow

I woke up this mornin', (ba-DA-da-DA)
To answer the phone, (ba-DA-da-Dum)
I woke up this mornin', (ba-DA-da-DA)
To answer the phone, (ba-DA-da-Dum)

That clever salesman caught me sleepin'
And now I've got a Mt. Shasta spring water dispenser
sittin' here in my home. (ba-DA-da-Dum)

I got the Blue Jug a water that gurgles and glugs
but the water tastes better
when I take a slug.
Blue. Blue. Blue. Wa-ter jug, (ba-DA-da-Dum)

Great Book For Halloween

I always enjoy her books about the bail bonds bunch, but this not only had me laughing out loud while I read it, I am still chuckling whenever I see anything to do with Halloween.


Mantis on lily. 10/15/10

I found this mantis on a flower I was photographing in the Trader Joe's parking lot. It's the second mantis I have seen this week. I am sure that means good luck since I consider it my good luck to have seen these amazing creatures. They can turn their heads 360 degrees.

I had just dropped off some flower pictures for some of the people who work there. Only a few were aware of the really pretty flora that are a part of the parking lot.

From a previous visit

Picture from the Trader Joe's parking lot collection. 10/11/10

In case you are wondering where you can go see the band for a couple of hours;

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
  Long Cold Winter by Phil Seymour


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