Sunday, October 10, 2010

On This Day


George Bleich painting from along the central coast. 10/10/10

From my easy chair, I can look at three original George Bleich paintings. They speak to me in different ways on different days. This morning as I contemplated how I would mark the significance of 10/10/10 world wide work parties through an event of my own, I happened to notice how the morning light was spotlighting George's techniques that he used to create this seascape of someplace near Carmel.

For some reason
it got me thinking about just how "GREEN" it is here in Redding. I mean, there are no smokestacks billowing tons of CO2 and Fullerenes into the atmosphere daily. There are trees and fields and lakes and rivers galore. We use hydroelectric, wind and solar for power. We don't really pump a lot of carbon emissions into the atmosphere other than our vehicle exhaust, so I figured I would do my part to save the planet today by staying home and not driving anywhere.

Mount Lassen participated by not erupting. 10/10/10

Outside by the dumpster, nature presented a glorious picture of Lassen while I recycled.

How you bin? 10/10/10

The paper strip around the bird has the logo on it. 10/10/10

I had fun and found some wonderful things to appreciate, and today's events around the world have rekindled hope that some of this wonderful world will be left for other souls to visit and enjoy in the future.

See the real pictures from around the world on this day HERE.

When I took
this picture of the 350 bird, I noticed a really neat dimensional effect through the camera as I lined up the shot. I wondered if I could capture and share that effect with you in a video. I think I did.
Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
350 bird on 10/10/10 from Phil Seymour on Vimeo.


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