Saturday, October 30, 2010

Inside, On This

Rainy Day

When it rains, the Buick sometimes reacts electrically in strange ways. I attribute this to the moisture creating a shortcut for electrons where there shouldn't be one. This limits the flow and affects the functions of the starter components, as well as the clock, the radio, and the left rear door lock and window relay.

I keep meaning to track down the wire or exposed part that causes this problem, but like the roof that leaks, it is only a problem when it rains. When it is dry and everything is working properly, I forget to find out if there is a loose, or unprotected connection at the starter and wherever that other wire goes.

I was reminded this afternoon when I went out to do some errands and stopped for gas. I had to ask someone for a jump start. It didn't help. I asked if one of the guys could wiggle the cable while I turned the key. They didn't quite understand so I ended up with one of them turning the key while I gave the cable a slight touch and it started immediately.

They were really
nice to help. One of them lives in French Gulch, so I invited him to come hear the band on the 13th at the French Gulch Hotel and told him to bring his spoons so he could sit in and play on a song. We shall see.

Olive Oyle?

Well blow me down.
This abskalootly looks like Olivesk to me.


Lost Mine?

I had a couple of pictures from the lake that didn't fit on the blog the day that I took them, so I am putting them in on this rainy day.

The new snow on Shasta was my initial subject for the Lumix TZ1 and it's 10x optical zoom, Leica lens, but the light was such that some new features caught my eye.

I noticed what looked like a ghost town at the base of a cliff-like rocky section of the hillside just above the lake. It had the appearance of archeological ruins through the zoom lens. I plan to go back and get a closer look and find out the story, right after I remember to solve the rainy day electrical mystery that happens to the Buick.

A view of the hills and mountains to the north.

Because Mount Shasta
is such a striking image, the surrounding mountains and wonders of nature are sometimes overlooked. I made it a point to bring back some images that didn't include the magical volcano just to share the awesome beauty of the average views around here.



The mystical volcano where the spring water I drink originates.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow

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