Monday, October 25, 2010

Plentiful Prospects

Infinite Possibilities

I use my nice equipment over the weekend to record some songs. 10/24/10

I am sometimes reminded of how fortunate I am to be living here and now. Reminded, in this case, by an email sent to me from Scotland. My friend and co-writer, Paul Thomas, sent me a couple of mp3 recordings that he had made. One of the songs he sent electronically across ocean and continent, was a tune that I wrote in 1985 called, Emotion.

I was so happy that he liked one of my songs enough to spend the time and talent, performing and recording it. I was filled with pride and honor at the same time that I felt humbled while I listened to his heartfelt rendition of Emotion. Of course that's part of what the song is about; The wonderful, sometimes overwhelming, human feeling we call emotion. Without emotion we would be automatons, or sociopaths. But with emotion, we laugh. Sing. Do most anything.

That email inspired me to record a new version of that song in a way that my band might play it. I have the equipment, the skills, and the 'chops' to record, and thanks to Paul sending me his recording, I was motivated. I love this stuff.

Just Like 1958?

Cover of latest Mother Jones magazine.

The Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman was released in 1958. The economy and political divisiveness at that time were very much like they are now.

I really think the most important subject kids should learn in school, is history. This educational oversight is a detriment to our collective progress along the path of enlightenment. We shall just have to wait and see if the outcome of Tuesday's elections turns out the same as 1958.

I will admit that I read Mother Jones more often than I read the National Review, but there is a simple reason why. Mother Jones is funnier.

I feel that it's important for me to exercise my rights by reading as big a variety of publications as possible. To read just one viewpoint would leave me only partially informed and incapable of making a qualified decision when I vote. I take my right to vote seriously.

I Love This Place

Happy to be here. 10/25/10

When you live in a senior apartment facility, you are surrounded by people at the end of the trail. With ones neighbors continuously being hauled off to the hospital, and occasionally dropping dead, it's a good place to learn to be nice to the people you encounter. When you are unkind to people that are here today, and possibly gone tomorrow, you are going to be the one left holding the bag of resentments.

It feels
so much better to be left with happy thoughts and remembered smiles.

Evening Glory
Morning glory climbs the wall of the dumpster enclosure. 10/25/10

This flower on the vine that Connie planted to beautify the dumpster enclosure, decided to unfurl in the rays of the setting sun.

Pretty As A Picture

Looking northeast from building 'A' second floor stairwell landing. 10/25/10

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

MozART GROUP For Elise Für Elise


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