Thursday, October 7, 2010

History Just Keeps On


Whipped cream sculpture. 10/6/10

Just when I thought that this seasons fresh strawberries and blueberries was over, I found some more of those delicious, sweet, organic strawberries at Trader Joe's, when I went there last night. Hooray! I also found a microwavable fresh prepared, inexpensive tortelloni that I brought home for dinner.

While I was waiting for my dinner to cook, I ruminated on the similarity of the Pentagon Papers to the Wiki-leaks documents. They both showed that the government knew we could not win anything by continuing the wars, but they didn't want to "lose".

In both instances the government focused the nations attention on those who obtained and published the documents, while ignoring the damning content.

The next thing I knew, my tortellini was finished getting nuked, and I set about the task of waiting a minute before removing the plastic cover. It was enough time for me to see the direct parallel between Johnson lying about the gulf of Tonkin to convince congress to go to war, and Bush lying about the WMD to convince congress to go to war.

I wrestled the plastic off the top of the container and looked inside to see what dinner looked like. It looked good enough to plate up and serve.

It tasted as good as it it looked, and it was then that I began turning my culinary skills toward ice cream, topped with fresh fruit and whipped cream.

In the skies over Happy Valley. 10/6/10

Congress finally voted to stop funding the Vietnam war after 53,000 Americans and 2,000,000 Vietnamese and Cambodians were killed in a war that the government knew we couldn't win. How much more blood and money will be poured into today's wars before congress turns off the tap?

If, in November, we vote anti-war candidates into office, our economy could be fixed the moment congress passes a resolution to stop funding war.

One can only vote and hope.

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