Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Man Who Sang Day'O

Makes The Most Sense

Harry Belafonte speaking at the One Nation rally. 10/2/10

Harry Belafonte delivered the most articulate, poignant speech of the day. He accurately described what is going wrong with our country, and how to fix it.

This rally, held on the steps of the Lincoln memorial, was attended by tens of thousands of American workers, educators, doctors, lawyers, and politically active people who care about our country, our children, and our future. These are people who support our country's President, and who are intelligent enough to know that it will take years to undo the damages done by Cheney and Bush. They will continue to vote for progressive candidates in the hopes of getting America working.

Some o
f the speakers were part of the 1963 march on Washington with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It was an historic tribute.

Making Sense

Picture of the One Nation rally in the nation's capital.  10/2/10

One could
not help but compare what MLK said in 1963, to similar issues that we face once again. The immoral, un-winnable war in Vietnam with it's devastating losses of soldiers and civilians in southeast Asia is nearly identical to the un-winnable, immoral, costly wars we are waging today.

Beautiful Quarry

These scarred hills looked like a painting in the evening sun. 10/2/10

Rise Up Rose

Roses continue to bloom around the Treehouse Senior Apartments. 10/2/10

Rich Fragrance

Close up of rose by the dining room at the Treehouse. 10/2/10

This rose
enveloped me in it's perfume when I got close for this shot. I can still smell it when I look at this picture.

Goat Cheese Pizza

Last nights dinner and entertainment. 10/2/10

Spacious Skies

Looking east from the Treehouse apartments trash enclosure. 10/2/10

I feel so blessed
to live here in this beautiful country. Now if we can just regulate industry to keep them from messing up the joint, this beauty might still be here for a few more generations.

One Hour Later
Looking west from 'B' building second floor landing. 10/2/10

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

I Like Bananas Because They Have Appeal

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