Saturday, October 9, 2010

Backup's And

Blue Skies

A lone contrail late Friday afternoon. 10/8/10

I begin with Friday, because that's when I had the opportunity to record two of John's instruments in a duet. We recorded early in the morning. It was only 10AM! Nevertheless,
it turned out to be magical.

I was expecting
to just record the viola being played by Randy Fisher, so it was an unexpected development to find that I would be recording a duet with the magic viola, and one of John's beautiful cello's.

I spent
the rest of the day, and most of the night, editing and crafting an audio track that would re-create some musical moments from the mornings material.

It was during the intensive use of the Macbook, that I realized it was time to get a bigger back up hard drive. The one that I had been using had been full for about a month.

I checked the internet and found a 1T My Book on sale at Best Buy and picked it up Saturday morning.

New Back Up HD

I get the new HD ready to hook up to the Macbook. 10/9/10

I love hooking stuff up to the Macbook. Those are the instructions you see in the picture above. You just plug it in and it goes.

Using Time Machine

A couple of taps on the track pad and away we go. 10/9/10

Select disk. Press go. Time machine backs up the entire contents of the Macbook, (63 gigabytes), onto the new 1 tetrabyte hard drive, with more than 900 gigabytes to spare.

Beautiful Day

A happy daisy in the sunshine. 10/9/10

Eye Color

In this light, my brown eyes are a kaleidoscope. 10/9/10

I had no idea
that many colors were there in my eyes. I thought they were just brown and sometimes hazel, until I saw this picture.

I took the picture
to illustrate a thought about 10/10/10 that I planned to title, "Watt Will Eye Do?", in relation to some images and a video to show some efforts to reduce carbon emissions here in Redding on Sunday.

I still don't know
what to film. I will just sleep on it and see what happens on the morn.

Rugged Rose

Yellow rose along the Treehouse driveway. 10/9/10

Today's relatively Appropriate Song;

A Bit Of Beethoven.
  Bit Of Beethoven by Phil Seymour


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