Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Of Beauty

It sounds like the rain has returned after a cloudy, but dry day. I spent the early part of the day out by Whiskeytown Lake.

It was very pretty and picturesque. I took many pictures and some video which I am still sorting through, and may be able to put on the blog tomorrow.

I finally chose a picture for that April calendar. It was taken at the Arboretum and it features a redbud tree. The calendar hangs in my kitchen, as you can see.

In the meantime I can bring the blog up-to-date, by including a couple of pictures from the last day or two.

April Flowers And More

Nice Sunset

Last night provided a beautiful sunset for those who were interested. I took several pictures of the sunset, pointing the camera West, East, North, and up.

To the east, I could see Mount Lassen. Just the very top of the snowy peak was lit by the direct sunlight.

To the north, Mount Shasta, (being a much taller mountain at 14,000 feet), was lit dramatically on the Western flank.

Looking upward toward the east southeast, around the same time as I took the pictures of the mountains, I took some pictures of the moon.

Not only were the seagulls part of my moon pictures, but about the same time there was an  intercontinental airliner flying overhead on the way to Asia. (Or perhaps the moon)

Tonight’s Appropriate Video;


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