Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Journey


I found this red rose hiding inside one of the rose bushes on the edge of the patio. It was around on the backside of the plant so I hadn’t noticed it when I’ve been going around checking all the rose bushes. It was a nice surprise.

Many of the rose bushes are budding, and it looks like some of them will be producing flowers by the end of this week.

Everywhere I look I see vegetation blooming in a colorful way. Whether it’s big or small, the different plants are doing their best to survive.

These two bees, above, caught my attention because they were so large. They are about half the length of my little finger, but they were very shy and would fly away when I got close with my camera. As big as they were, they stayed busily attached and would fly around to another side of the flower each time I approached to get a close up.

I found this rather large mushroom growing near the garden boxes behind ‘B’ building. I haven’t seen one like this before. It was about 4 inches across. It was like finding a hidden Easter egg.

This tiny little spider was living inside this tiny little flower that was growing behind ‘A’ building. I didn’t even see it until I got the picture on my computer and looked closely.

And finally, I got a picture of this particularly unique tulip that was growing in Dorothy’s garden. It is appropriate that I show you the tulip just before today’s video.

The video is part two of my experiment in learning to use the iPod Touch as an effective video camera. I put a little background music together with guitar and keyboard. Then I combined it with some iPod Touch video shot with a tripod.

Today’s Relative Video;

Good Day

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