Sunday, April 1, 2012

Look A Spider!

Ha Ha, April Fools

Today was a beautiful day with sunshine. It was Palm Sunday, and also, April Fools’ Day.

I went out in the sunshine looking for a picture to use for this month’s calendar. There were plenty of happy photogenic subjects soaking up the sun.

I ended up taking about 200 pictures, any of which would be wonderfully suited to my calendar for the month of April.

The trick will be choosing just one.

My quest for the perfect picture took me all around the Treehouse, including Dorothy’s garden, as well as down to the Sundial Bridge and Arboretum.

The Sacramento River was beautiful. The Sundial Bridge was stunning in its white, sunlit radiant beauty. The trees and fountains and foliage of the Arboretum were happy to have a sunny day after the recent storm. I even had the opportunity to see one of our famous local bald eagles flying close overhead.

It felt good to be outside. There were many people out enjoying the day today. I neither saw nor participated in any April fool jokes.

In fact the closest I’ve come to an April fools joke, is to have this theme of bugs in my blog.

I hope you had a wonderful day too, with sunshine, puffy white clouds, and blue skies.

I have a lot of nice pictures to show you. I’ve got a backlog of about 300 that I don’t think will fit on one page here in the blog, so it’ll take me a day or so to get them sorted out.

I did put a few from yesterday on Picasa. You can check them out HERE.

This, (above), is this evenings moon. I don’t know if there’s any bugs on it or not, my camera’s not that good, (although it’s almost that good). Besides, unless they have tiny spacesuits I don’t think we’ll see any bugs on the moon.

Tonight’s Relative Video;

Peace And Prosperity

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