Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Is Blooming

Life Begins Anew

I do enjoy the slideshow feature from Flickr. I hope you did too.

This waterfall, above, is located at the corner of Cypress and Pine Streets. It’s always a pleasure to see it from whatever angle I may be looking from when I’m there at the stoplight.

The flowers in Dorothy’s garden have reached the stage where every day they keep changing and developing new colors and shapes and forms and even new flowers almost before my very eyes.

I can sometimes go out and take a bunch of pictures, load them on the computer, and by the time I step outside they all look new and different than what I just took pictures of.

Today, the light changed dramatically three different times with the angle of the sun and the spacing between clouds. I took three different sets of photographs to obtain the few that I used for tonight’s blog post.

Still, I managed to put together a nice collection here, including a video that I assembled this evening. I’m glad because I have three more videos that are waiting to be completed.

Even some of the things that I see every day, put themselves in a form that I had never noticed before. Like this next picture of Shasta Bally, sandwiched between two broadcasting towers that are on Lake Boulevard. I call the picture Tower Envy, because of the other set of towers way up on top of the mountain.

I had been at ShopKo getting some Burt’s bees toothpaste, and when I stepped outside to the parking lot, I looked up and I saw this shot. I had never seen this arrangement before. What fun.

So I think I got the first in a series of three videos taken with the iPod Touch, showing my progress in learning how to get the most out of that marvelous little gadget.

I give you a little trip to Caldwell Park.

Today’s Relative Video;

Happy Easter

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