Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rain, Rain, Went Away

At Least For A Day

It was sunny and pleasant today, Saturday, here in Redding. I went out to a couple of very photogenic locations and took many pictures. I also did several time-lapse videos, but since they aren’t edited and I haven’t written or recorded music tracks for them, I shall present pictures of Friday’s wet flowers that I prepared yesterday.

I am reading Bill Clinton’s latest book; Back To Work. As usual, he puts forth intelligent, realistic solutions to the mess we find ourselves in today. I recommend it to all who yearn for some sane action in government policy and a look at what can be accomplished by putting America back on track.

I am really glad that I am not in politics. I remember spending time in a hunting cabin with some of the leaders of Mississippi’s state government in 1967. They invited me to bring my guitar and sing some songs about peace, love, and freedom.

At the time, I had very long hair and wore jeans and calf high lace-up moccasins. I had just come to Jackson, Mississippi from California, and the summer of love. I had a job as head of the art department for a printing company that did all the state publications, so it was through the owner that I became part of the governors duck hunting retreat.

I found out that these weren’t the bad guys that I had always imagined were lurking in the hallowed halls of corrupt southern state governments. They just needed to behave and act certain ways to exist in the morally corrupt world of higher office.

A couple of them told me that they envied me, and the freedom of thought, expression, and choices that I represented. They couldn’t untangle themselves from the trappings of the lives that they led, because it would mean giving up power.

We never met again, but I think that time in the cabin expanded the perspectives of all of us. I know it did mine. I am really glad that I am not in politics.

So now I have posted the wet flower pictures from Friday, that I think turned out well, and I can begin playing with the images from this sunny Saturday.

Today’s Relative Video;

Free To Dream

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