Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Saving Planet Earth

One Village At A Time

This is the second article I have found, in as many days, that tells the story of a village that said no to mining corporations that wanted to give them money in exchange for ruining their land. This video about the little village in India was very nicely done.

The only problem with it is the embed is in flash. I suppose I could have downloaded it and converted it to a more modern media format, but instead, if it doesn’t play for you, I have added the link to it, below the embedded video.

Weather is the topical subject today. Specifically precipitation.

The sun managed to peek between the clouds a few times around midday, but for the most part it was rain, (and hail, but I’ll get to that later).

I took a stroll along Dorothy’s garden when I went to get the mail between showers. Rain showers, that is.

It’s always fun to get pictures of the flowers wearing their raindrop jewelry.

The different varieties of plants wore their glistening jewels in different ways.

At first I mistook these yellow flowers, (above), for tiny daffodils, but on closer inspection, their pistils and stamens are more like those of a day lily.

The little bitty purple flowers that seem to be everywhere, (once you spot one of them), seemed to handle the rain and cloud bursts with ease.

The rosebuds are ready for a couple of sunny days. That will get them pumping moisture into the petals so they can burst forth in colorful roses.

About 1:30 or 2:00pm, while I was eating breakfast, there were several volleys of lightning and thunder that announced the arrival of hail. I took pictures and video. The video inspired a song, and became the video for today.

Here is a hailstone that bounced inside onto the carpet.

You will see this stone appearing in today’s feature.

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