Friday, April 27, 2012

Musical Expression

And Dancing Flowers

The forecast for rain today was not fulfilled. This meant I was out taking pictures for most of the day. I would come in looking at the pictures that I took, think that there might be better light in an hour, go back out shoot the same shot again looking for what was missing in the previous image. Repeat.

It was windy. The flowers were dancing. Now that I think of it, I probably should’ve set up a video camera, but I think at that time my mind was more focused on being ready on time for the band to play at eight.

I kept being drawn outside to watch the flowers. To experience their altered states as the wind, shadows and light became their dancing partners.

Wild or domesticated, they were bursting with colorful, vibrant joy. Whether I was looking at the tiniest spots of color on the ground or the blazing bright roses on the bushes, I was mesmerized by the life surrounding me on this breezy, beautiful day.

I took many pictures of this iris, (above), as it was tossed about by the gusting wind. I got a few that I thought were particularly good and it was hard deciding which ones to post here.

I didn’t record my band when we played tonight, and that turned out to be exactly right for me because I played for the moment and not the recording. I love to experience that immersion into the now. Letting go of all concerns except the joy of being the music. There were no clunkers played by anybody in the band on any of the songs we played, (well maybe one or two), and all who were there seemed to enjoy the harmonious interaction.

I didn’t hand my camera to anyone to take our pictures as we played, but that turned out to be the right thing. I didn’t play to the camera and the pictures it might be taking. I played and sang to experience the joy of the music.

I did notice a lot of cameras and the occasional iPad taking pictures and video of us, but it wasn’t a distraction because I didn’t think about what the results might look like later, on my computer.

I was real happy with the way the music turned out. We had two guitars, keyboard, tenor sax, bass and drums. The sax player, Darrell, sounded the best I think I’ve ever heard him play. Keyboard player, Rick Larsen seem to be sharing my experience and contributed to the overall sound with precision and feeling.

Sarah Pappenheim was our drummer for the whole show. Initially I was just going to feature her on 5 songs, but the other drummer couldn’t make it, and I asked her if she could play for an hour. She did really well and the crowd was pleased by her solid beat and interaction with the other musicians.

Jacob Rabinowitz is becoming an awesome, and entertaining bass player. He seemed locked into the way I wanted the music to go, and naturally added support when I would put additional energy into the singing.

John played some well thought out guitar solos that added a lot to the homogenous sound that we all were crafting together. I think everyone in the band and in the room were aware of participating in a very special musical moment. It was a lot of fun.

Today’s Video;

Tuned In

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