Friday, April 6, 2012

It's A Good Day

Even The Calendar Says So

It’s a good day today. They even call it Good Friday. It certainly has been good for me I took many pictures and movies today. However, I have pictures that I put together from yesterday, so I’m going to use those on today’s blog.

The roses along the driveway are beginning to bloom. The little buds are starting to crack open under the pressure of the petals within.

It’s nice to see the town come alive in the sunshine. People are out and about enjoying this beautiful area in northern California.

I’m learning to use the iPod touch as a video camera, to take quick videos and make them ready to go on this blog. I have an App that I downloaded that makes this process even easier.

The app, appropriately called Video Camera, allows a person to stitch together small clips that it puts into one short video.

This has led me to understand in a simple way, the process of making a meaningful video on-the-fly.

If I think of the video as a sentence, and the various clips as words in the sentence, it makes a more complete and comprehensive statement as a video.

I have been learning to do that with little videos that I’ve been taking all week long. The first ones were a little too long, and it was really annoying having the camera shaking. It made a video hard to watch.

I devised a way to put the iPod Touch on one of my tripods and the improvement was remarkable. I hope to show you one of those on the next post.

In the meantime, I used the Picasa program with some of the pictures I took yesterday to make a little movie/slideshow that will be Today’s Relatively Appropriate Video;

Ferris Moon

Goodness Knows

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