Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's April

Beautiful And Dazzling

Today, (actually looking at the clock it’s probably more accurate to say yesterday), I had about a 15 min. window to take pictures in the sunlight.

Apparently that’s all the time I needed because I got more pictures than would fit on here.

Fortunately I can embed a slideshow so that more pictures will fit. I hope you enjoy it.

For those of you who prefer, I have a link to go to the Picasa album website where you shouldn’t need to use a flash player. (HERE)

The insects were out collecting nectar and delivering pollen from plant to plant. They were quite busy enjoying the brief moments of sunshine.

My neighbors were out enjoying the sunshine, too. In the picture above, you can see Tony, our maintenance man,(and dog whisperer), giving some attention to Carol’s dog, Lucy.

I feel so fortunate to be living in such a beautiful place.

Coming Soon;

There are still some pictures to be collected, selected, edited, and put in some sort of order for me to share with you Tuesday’s trip to the woods near Whiskeytown Lake.

I have video, audio tracks, and still pictures plus contributions from my neighbor Linda, who took additional images with her iPad and Kodak.

There is no shortage of fun, interesting, and challenging projects for me to work on. I will have some more news on the Viola book for the iPad, hopefully before the week is done.

I’ve just about got the storyboard drawn out for a little music video I’m doing, so that should be coming soon to this blog near you. All of this is very fulfilling, and spiritually uplifting. It makes me a very Happy Phil.

Today’s Appropriate Video;

On The Beach

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