Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Might Rain


Today the skies are dark, damp, and cool. Those are good indicators that the forecasters are getting their groove back.

I don’t mind these circumstances that make shelter and the comforts of home very attractive. One of the nice things is being able to catch up on posting images of some of the amazing flowers that have been popping up around the Treehouse.

These images today, are a few from the hundreds of pictures I have taken over that last few days of sunshine powered blooming going on around here. I selected a few, and developed them into greeting cards, last night.

It is a wonderful feeling when the muse comes to point out specific images and what can be done to bring out their inner beauty. I take those suggestions as inspiration and ride the tide of creativity with excitement and a grin from ear to ear.

The hours fly by while the muse enthralls and massages my creativity. What a wondrous feeling. I just had to share  some of the results with you.

I think you can see why I was drawn outside time and time again during the sunny days to catch the moments when the sun would illuminate each flower in such a way as to hit all the right notes in the Lumix sensors so that the digital images would sing.

And sing, they do. I hope you enjoy the music of these reproductions. The cards themselves are the master mix, and, of course, these flowers are appearing ‘live’ here, around the Treehouse.

Today, A Cosmic Video;

Looking In And Out

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