Thursday, March 29, 2012

So Strange

Yet So Familiar

I went out to Dorothy’s garden again to revisit the flowers in the rain. I held the camera in one hand and an umbrella in the other to keep the camera dry. I like the results.

And here’s one I didn’t see yesterday. It is going to be a beauty;

Today At John’s Shop

I had an opportunity to stop by John’s violin shop today. He showed me some of his latest work in progress. In this picture, (above), you see him holding the neck he carved for the cello that he is currently creating.

We took some pictures of one of his newest violins. It was glowing with the latest development in John’s secret sauce finishes. This violin is nearly ready to get its fittings fit, so it can be strung and played.

Later In The Evening

Patrick, John, Sayrah, and Phil.

John can be seen, (in the above picture), taken at the blues Society jam, adjusting the floor tom for drummer Sayrah Pappenheim. Sayrah is the youngest of the drummers that play with the Phil Seymour Band.

Sayrah’s mom, Donee, took the pictures of John, Patrick, Sayrah, and me. Thanks.

Today’s Relative Song;
An older recording of So Strange. Featuring Mark Mlcoch on bass, John Harrison on lead guitar, and me on guitar, keyboard, and vocal. I think we recorded this in John’s shop about 3 years ago. I added the keyboard a day or two later.

So Strange

Universal Harmony

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