Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Smart Cookies

Would Be Helpful

I sometimes wish that there was such a thing as a smart cookie. It would help undo many years of well orchestrated propaganda that has become ingrained into the thinking process of the unsuspecting masses.

Last night I slept a long time. I dreamed many entertaining and, in some cases, instructive situation dreams. One of them that I recall, involved a time warp that put me back with a small collection of old classmates.

This gets interesting in my dreams because I’ve been educated in different states, seven different schools and three different colleges. My dreaming mind constructs classrooms, towns, and houses in which I lived, or visited, based upon a collection of scenery mashed together from all my memories.

I am pretty sure that the pseudo-school, and house in one of the dreams, was based upon my Texas experiences. Likely, I had the dream because yesterday, one of my classmates from Alpine high school did not fact check the propaganda he received in an e-mail before he posted it on our 60’s & 70’s high school grads Facebook page.

There were several of us in that group who quickly replied to his post with links to fact checking Internet sites, that debunked the anti-Obama propaganda he posted.

Imagine my surprise, and I suppose the surprise of the other people who thought he had understood that he is supposed to fact check the crazy stuff that you get in e-mail before posting, when we saw that he posted another propaganda thing about U.S. government contracts and labor going to Chinese companies.

It was baloney of course, but the e-mail he got claimed that the information was from ABC TV news, so I guess he didn’t feel the need to fact check another obvious propaganda filled e-mail.

Why would someone believe the negative nonsense they read and hear about Obama? Why would somebody believe that it’s hard to quit smoking? Why would somebody believe that human caused global warming isn’t happening? Why would someone believe that Obama is a socialist, even though they themselves don’t know what a socialist is?

The answer to all these questions is; propaganda. Plain and simple repetitive misinformation until it becomes a part of one’s thought process.

We don’t hear people saying, “Smoking is a prison and I must escape.”

Instead, you hear about how hard it is to quit.

This is no accident. This ‘quitting is so hard’ has been planted in people's minds over the last 50 years by the tobacco companies using every possible media source they could place their messages.

So, people will go on damaging their lungs with every puff, while the nicotine alters their brains into thinking this is a good thing.

It is a good thing for the sociopaths that own the tobacco companies, because it keeps their bank accounts growing, in spite of the damage they’re doing to the health of the people who buy and use their product.

Here is how they do it;

A significant segment of the population, at least here in America, is afraid of silence.

They’re just as much afraid of silence as the dark, spiders, or whatever fear you want to name.

To cover natural sounds, they leave the TV set on, (generally to cable news stations like Fox), they listen to the radio while they sleep, (generally to shows like coast-to-coast), and at work, or in their car, they listen to talk radio.

For the past three years, these republican television and radio stations, have been saying at least twice an hour, 24 hours a day, that president Obama is a socialist.

That’s tens of thousands of times that a person might hear the same message from every announcer, newscaster, commentator, pundit, and ‘talk-radio’ host. Is it any wonder that some people would think the president is a socialist?

Socialism is basically government for the common good.

A system of social organization  that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.

We pledge allegiance to a country that swears to, “...liberty and justice for all.”
Our constitution begins with, “We the people”.

This morning, once I got out of bed, took a shower, started the coffee, and read the daily word, I opened the curtains and saw white puffy clouds in a blue sky.
I quickly picked up my iPod, and took a picture of this rare and welcome event, here in Redding.

This sunshine allowed me to go out and take some pictures of the flowers growing in Dottie’s garden.

I tried something new by attaching a tripod to the end of an old mop handle, so I could put the camera up close to some of the flowers without having to bend over and get in the flower bed. This works really good. I set the camera control on macro, activate the self timer, and stick the camera close to the flower.

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