Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hidden Treasure


This year, if one looks particularly close beneath the leaves one can find hidden treasures in Dorothy’s garden, here at the Treehouse.

In the midst of the daffodils in all their yellow splendor, one can find flowers that aren’t quite daffodils. Like these with the orange gills.

In John’s violin shop, he scrapes away surplus material to reach the treasure hidden in the various pieces of wood that he has selected, glued, cut, bent and shaped to become violins, violas, and cellos.

His latest project, is a cello. His cellos have won awards, and are highly sought after by professional musicians. Once again I have the good fortune of being able to follow the process that reveals the hidden treasure of musicality in these special pieces of wood.

Some nice people have mentioned that I make especially good coffee. I attribute part of the taste to the Mount Shasta Spring Water, and my particular selections of beans.

Much of how I make fresh coffee is simply by feel, (sort of like playing music). But I do have some structure to the way I make it, such as the amount of beans I use.

I pour beans into the coffee grinder until they cover the blade. I often wondered just how many beans that is? I decided to count them.

Since I had some other things to do, I didn’t exactly count every bean one by one. Instead, I counted out 10, piled them in a little line and then made other lines that were similar so that I could simply count by tens. I used 2 different blends of beans for this pot.

Taking into consideration that some of the American blend beans were broken, (European blends are more carefully selected), I estimate somewhere between 150 and 160 beans.

Another hidden treasure in Dorothy’s garden, are the little, grape hyacinths. Once you see one of them, you realize that they are just about everywhere in the garden. I might also mention that they are not actually hyacinths but are relatives of the Lily family.

One of the treasures that I enjoy five mornings a week, is breakfast. The hidden treasure in my breakfast bowl, usually is the cereal. The banana, strawberries, and blueberries tend to cover up the flakes, clusters and grains.

I guess the whole reason for this theme of hidden treasure has to do with tonight’s song and video. The pictures and video portion are from a visit to the hidden waterfall on the Mt Shasta Mine Trail. I also recorded sounds of the water and frogs while I was there.

I put those sound effects together with a song I wrote, played a few tracks of music, and added that to the pictures and videos. The end result is, “The Secret Treasure of the MT Shasta Mine Trail”. So let me present to you...

Tonight’s Appropriate Video;


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