Saturday, March 10, 2012

Photo Colorfest

Before The Rain

There were a lot of images of flowers that I had taken over the last couple of days, just sitting here in my computer, waiting for me to process them.

I guess I became so caught up in some of the other things that go on in life, that I nearly overlooked these beautiful examples of what nature can produce.

I spent most of the day dealing with the not so pretty, not so natural, but necessary world of business and the paperwork that entails.

I managed to get my groove back, by setting all things aside and taking an old-fashioned nap. That hour and a half out of my schedule was just what I needed to refresh my mind and open my eyes to the beauty that brightens my world.

So, I took a look at some of my recent photographs, and realized there were some flower pictures that with a little touch of artistry, could be works of art. Possibly even becoming greeting cards that need no captions.

I was inspired, and in a matter of just two or three hours, I came up with these pictures for tonight’s blog.I really like the results and I hope you do too.

Next weekend, I get to go down to Richmond and play music with Leona and Marian, possibly even recording more songs for a new CD.

This weekend, I get to join with millions of other people in the ‘changing of the clocks’ routine. We’ll probably need to change them again in the fall.

Well, changing the clocks is a small price to pay for this great life that I live here in Redding. (Incidentally, I just now remembered to train the dictation software to miss spell Reading, so that this California town I live in is spelled the way they intentionally misspelled it.)

I want to thank Marion for pointing out the spelling, after she read my last blog post and noticed I hadn’t spelled it like the California town. Now when I say, “Redding”, Dragon will spell it that way. (It will type Redding now when I say ‘reading’, too. I need to watch out for that when I proof read future posts.)

What I had for dinner, (half of them). Very tasty.

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