Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Let There Be Rain

To Fill The Reservoirs

Wet leaves and battered blossoms

Rain Suits

Teddy and Laurie

It has been quite a rainy March, but for some of my neighbors, it is not a deterrent when it comes to getting out with the dog. I couldn’t resist getting a picture of this doggy rain suit.

Like a lot of people who use the internet, I am included in high school, college, hometown, and music Facebook groups. Sometimes a person in one of these groups gets an email that rings a bell for them and they just have to post it.

Usually the email is political. Sometimes it’s important information, but sometimes it’s a load of baloney. One such email was posted today on the Alpine, Texas high school grads site by someone who was mislead into believing one of the many anti-Obama malicious missives.

Some of us in that group were quick to direct the misled member to various fact checking sites that debunked the erroneous email. But, I think the best explanation as to when one really should check the facts came from Dennis L Williams.

He wrote;

“I try to follow this rule about political emails: If the email confirms in every detail my deepest, most heartfelt beliefs about the politicians or political party that I currently disagree with, making me feel deeply the "rightness" of my views on America, God, and apple pie......then that email is 99% likely to be a) MISLEADING, or b) FALSE.”

Dennis L Williams

Spring Egg Hunt

I got up bright and early this morning. My neighbor Linda and I had a plan. We would go check out the eggs and hens at an organic egg source that I saw posted on craigslist. If the hens still had their beaks and a yard to scratch around in, this could replace Trader Joe’s as the place I get organic eggs. (March 3 blog)

The craigslist ad indicated that the hens were being fed organic feed, so that was encouraging. Still I would like to see the feed bags to make sure they didn’t say “Monsanto certified” organic. “Monsanto and organic” would be as spurious as Fox News stating they are “Fair and Balanced”.

What we still needed to begin the journey to the happy hens, was the address. The person selling the eggs sent me a message suggesting I call, or text, in the morning to get directions.

I texted,(that word ‘texted’ just doesn’t seem right), and received a text with the address, and a message that she would be home around 4:30. So much for the early riser gets the good eggs approach.

So I had a delicious bowl of fruit and milk, with some pumpkin raisin crunch organic cereal.

Here At The Treehouse

We met a new neighbor named Carol who is an artist. She came to the Monday Afternoon Treehouse Cabaret and Poetry Hour and brought one of her latest creations.

We may have to put a couple of easels up on Monday afternoons so our resident artists can display some of their work. It would be nice if more people could see and enjoy some of the beautiful artwork that our neighbors produce.

The Treehouse Cabaret, Gallery, and Poetry Hour Band

Back To The Egg-O-Sphere

Eggs be here

Around 4:15, my neighbor and I headed out in the storm, seeking the elusive organic eggs from happy, healthy  chickens.

We arrived at a nice house on a cul de sac near the Sacramento river, about 4:30. We were greeted at the door and invited in out of the rain. The nice lady had a container of eggs in hand. We asked where the chickens were.

The lady explained that the chickens were in a backyard coop from which they were regularly released to hunt and peck around the yard. Her two children were quietly playing in the living room with a laptop and a tablet, while we examined eggs and asked questions.

I placed 12 of the eggs into the empty carton I had brought with me. My neighbor bought another dozen. Everyone was happy.

‘Egg’ceptional organic ovum image

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