Sunday, March 11, 2012

Forward Clockwise

More Or Less

I should know more in the morning. Oh wait, it is morning already and I don’t know anymore than I did an hour ago.

Over the years of doing this blog, I have covered the history, the politics, and some of the arguments pro and con regarding daylight savings time. If you type daylight savings time in the search box (upper left on the page), you will get this result.

Dorothy has several varieties of daffodil looking flowers that are blooming all over her garden.

I figured I would play with some of the flowers, at least their images, and bring out some of their personalities as I see them.

Of course there’s no telling what they’ll look like to me tomorrow when I’ll have an extra hour of daylight, based upon my normal time of rising, to capture their delightful expressions.

Isn’t this a lot nicer than me talking about politics, corporate greed, and all those other wonderful topics that keep the cable news channels in business.

The other night I cooked up some Greek appetizers, snacks, that had a spinach and feta cheese stuffing. It was one of those things that I can cook without spending a lot of time at the kitchen counters in preparation.

A change in the weather is expected this week, and I can hear the wind huffing and puffing like it’s trying to bring in the storm. We’ll see if it comes in an hour early, or an hour late.

The tulips that Dorothy planted for this year’s garden, are beginning to show as the unexpected volunteers begin to fade.

This next image is a coming soon poster for the new varieties and colors that are about to grace the garden.

I suppose it’s time to wrap this up, or maybe that was an hour ago. At any rate, welcome to daylight savings time 2012. May all your days be filled with an extra hour of sunshine.

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