Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Day To March Forth

Or Some Such Pun Stuff

It was a good day to get out and enjoy the natural wonders that surround Redding.

Initially, the plan was to go north near Castle Craigs. My neighbor knew of a place on the Sacramento river, that had a suspension bridge from which the most spectacular views could be obtained. I packed my cameras and audio recorder, and began the march forth, on the 4th of March.

Castle Craigs State Park, as some of you know, was closed to make somebody think that would save the state a ton of money. Now, it is doing no one any good at all.

But our destination lay in a different direction, down by the river. I drove around in the woods enjoying the scenery for a while, without locating the suspension bridge trail.

Photo credit - Linda Elliot

Soon it became clear that the real destination for the day would be the town of Mount Shasta.

Photo credit - Linda Elliot

I set up my trusty new field recorder at the place where the Sacramento River springs forth from the rocks on the side of the hill. The audio tracks are for a future project using images, video, and the music of the headwaters.

I recorded high quality audio tracks at four different locations where the sounds were distinctly different. The variety will make listening more pleasurable and engaging.

There is little park there which was very enjoyable. The sun was out. The sky was blue. The snow on the ground was white and sparkly, while the temperature was a comfortable, 65°.

Seeing as how I was in Mount Shasta, I thought it was about time I located the health food grocery store that several people have been suggesting, (for the last four years), that I visit.

I’m glad I did. They had Burt’s Bees men’s soap, that I’ve been wanting to try, and there were many different kinds of organic coffee to choose from. I haven’t used the soap yet, but the coffee is delicious.

I printed a Cafe Mam label to cover an empty coffee can, into which I poured the beans from the paper bag I bought them in, so as to ensure lasting freshness.

The coffee company has a real nice website you can check it out, (Cafe Mam).

Thanks to Linda Elliot for her help in making this march forth, a pleasurable trek.

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