Tuesday, March 6, 2012


In March

This tree, and many more like it here at Treehouse, will soon be festooned with nothing but white blossoms.

Today, the blossoms on the tree are combination of new leaves and flowers. By the end of the week, this tree will be filled with white against a green background.

The oak tree, seen behind these blossoms to the west of my balcony, is beginning to show signs of new leaves. It will soon be filling out and providing a place inside a dense curtain of leaves for animals to take shelter.

Out in Dorothy’s garden, the flowers are beginning to appear. Soon it will be a potpourri of colors and fragrances to be enjoyed until next winter.

Speaking of winter... This winter has yet to show, here in Reading. Some people are beginning to wonder if we’ll have a winter at all this year.

Last year we got mountains of snow on the mountains through June. So I think I will wait until the vernal equinox before I report a lost winter.

One thing is certain, there were very few cold days this winter, here at the Treehouse.

So there you have it. I’ve spent tonight’s blog, talking about the weather. And of course, the new flowers and blossoming trees.

The little red flowers growing near the office, certainly have lasted a long time. They have provided me with entertaining subject material for a couple of months now.

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