Friday, March 23, 2012

What's That Bright Light?

Oh, It’s Sunshine!

After all the rain that has been washing the flowers, an hour of sunlight gave them an opportunity to gleam and shine in all their brilliant colors.

The tulips shone like polished satin. The daffodils displayed their variety of colors from white, two tone, and dazzling variegated varieties.

I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the tiny purple flowers that play so big in my mind’s eye view.

Just about everything was happy to have some sunlight, including this little beetle walking along the border of the garden.

The brief but very welcome sunshine was just the eye opener I needed to remind me to focus on the beauty and magic of this world in which I am a living participant.

This petal that curled off of one of the tulips, makes it look like a whirling dervish.

The birds were singing their little hearts out with colorful songs of love.

And so I can share another beautiful day with you here on my blog thanks to an hour of sunshine, and a few modern, technical, and artistic application doodads.

Today’s Relative Video:
(hint; Fashion collection meets jump rope camera)


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