Friday, March 2, 2012


To Cosmic Rhythms

The month of March is here again, pretty much like it was last year, only a day later.

New life is springing forth with happy birds singing songs of seduction. The sky is an ever changing pattern of clouds, sunshine, while including a variety of precipitation.

I had several opportunities during the day to capture some of the flowers with my electron pattern collecting device, (digital camera). Those electron patterns could then be reproduced as images to share with you here. Some of the lucky flowers were basking in the sunlight between rain showers.

I know the names of some of them. Many of them are complete mysteries to me, but they sure looked happy today as they dried off in the intermittent sunshine.

After the big windstorm we had, I find it interesting that the little bitty blossoms didn’t get blown off the trees and onto the ground. Their soft little petals are very firmly attached to those branches on which they grow.

When their work is done, (attracting pollinators and being pollinated), they will let go of the branch and all come floating down like snowflakes. But for now, even a wind that is strong enough to blow down the tree on which the blossoms grow, cannot dislodge them.

Of course our big windstorm, here in Redding, was nothing compared to the storms in the middle of the country that pummeled places like Branson, Missouri. Weather forecasters have stated that there will be a whole series of even stronger storms in that part of the country throughout Friday and Saturday.

Some of the iris have started blooming in Dorothy’s garden. They always provide interesting subjects for me to photograph. It’s good to see them again.

So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed these flowers on this first day of March, 2012. Wow, this is an election year. I wonder if anybody else remembered?

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Evenly Measured Steps

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