Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

With All Things Being Equal, More Or Less

How Did I Miss This?

Vladimir Pirogov/Reuters

Horsemen take part in a goat-dragging competition as part of Navruz celebrations, an ancient holiday marking the spring equinox, in the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek Tuesday.

Now that seems like a lot more fun than standing around Stonehenge, chanting in the chilly rain. I wonder if I could leap off a horse to catch a goat? I guess the next time I am in Bishkek on the vernal equinox, I could give it a try.

Tiny Flower

I took this shot, (above),  yesterday, but it wasn’t ready for posting until I played with it a bit, today.

Today is the vernal equinox. It came early on our Gregorian calendar, but in reality it is happening exactly when it always does.

The Chase

Behind one of the second hand stores along the Sacramento river, is one of my favorite spots to watch ducks feed under water. While there, today, I saw what appears to be an otter.

I was not the only creature that was curious about the swimming mammal. As soon as this duck, (above), noticed the otter, it made a beeline to intercept it. (I bet that’s the first time that duck got compared to a bee).

Once the duck got too close, the otter dove under and swam away. Otters can stay under water, fishing and swimming, for as long as 4 minutes. I didn’t stick around to time this one.

Today I noticed a cluster(?) of grape hyacinth growing along the drive into the Treehouse apartments. After I saw one of these a couple of weeks ago, and a neighbor identified what it was, I have been seeing them everywhere.

It reminds me of mushroom hunting. At first you don’t see them, but once you spot one you soon realize that you are surrounded by hundreds of them.

Today’s Relative Video;

Nice Day

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