Sunday, March 4, 2012

More Local Beauty

From Around The Treehouse

It was a warm 77 degrees, here at the Treehouse on Saturday. I went outside and took pictures on three different occasions during the day. Here are a few of the 100 or so shots I kept.

Down at the east end of the driveway, where I took the picture of the little sunflower, there is a berm that I walk upon to get the right angle for a picture of Shasta Bally.

When I looked down at my feet, I noticed several ladybugs traversing the rough terrain.
From the right angle they reminded me of lunar, or Mars rovers crossing rugged extraterrestrial landscapes.

Just as I began dictating this blog tonight, the refrigerator began its compression cycle. I’m sure my neighbors appreciate me yelling at my computer so that it hears me clearly above the noisy refrigerator.

I had fun taking pictures of Mount Lassen throughout the day, as the fresh coating of snow was reflected in the different angles of sunlight. It was nice that the moon made an appearance as well, (maybe not exactly where you see it in this picture, but it was visible nearby, up higher in the eastern sky, about the same time).

My walk around the grounds took me past the rose bushes which seem to be re-adorning themselves with colorful new leaves.

Eventually my travels took me around behind ‘A’ building, where some low growing blooming tulips were adding color to Dorothy’s garden.

I think these were bulbs from previous year that may have been washed down from another area of the garden then were buried deep under the new dirt that Dorothy added a couple of months ago. Whatever the reason, they sure are pretty.

In a previous blog post, I included a picture of an orange that I found growing out behind ‘A’ building, so it’s only fitting that tonight I bring you ‘The Lone Tomato’.

Tonight’s Sort Of Relative Video;

Rock Solid Science

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